How it Works

Looking to go Sailing?

We know why you want to go sailing, we are sailors ourselves. We work with the leading yacht delivery Captains around the world and have created this site to help them find crew.

if you are looking to build up your sailing experience and sea miles, yacht deliveries offer the best opportunities. Captains and yacht delivery companies can post their requirement and it is free for you to access all the details and contact them directly to express your interest.

Unlimited access. No membership fees; Zero, zilch, zip, nil, nought, nothing to pay.

We will be setting up an alert service that will advise you when a new sailing opporunity is posted. In the meantime save this site to favourites and come back often


Looking for Crew?

It’s free for Captains, Delivery Companies and Yacht Owners to register and post their sailing opportunities.

You can use  to find amateur and professional crew when looking to find help relocating your yacht.

To post a sailing opportunity, simply upload the details. We ask you to be clear about any financial arrangement and what costs you will cover. We do not encourage posts that ask crew to pay.

The vacancy will be listed for 21 days. You can also edit, add and resubmit vacancies by going to the Manage Vacancies page

Crewmembers will contact you directly to express interest in your sailing opportunity is an introducer only and does not confirm the qualifications, experience and skills of captains or crews. Nor do we provide approval  of the suitability of vessels or equipment for any proposed voyage. is not an employer or employment agency. We do not manage a database for the purpose of providing a crew matching service.

Applicant crew need to satisfy themselves with regards to the vessel, captain and financial arrangements.